Dialysis Transportation

Routine Dialysis Transportation operates Monday through Friday.  The earliest appointment time is 8:30 am and the latest scheduled take home ride is 6:00 pm.  Service is provided on a “space available” basis. This service operates during normal holiday closings.

Effective February 11, 2008, a fare policy was instituted for passengers who request dialysis transport after that date. There are no fares charged to passengers transported to the dialysis center in close proximity to their home address. Passengers choosing to be transported to a dialysis center out of their “neighborhood” will be charged $3.00 for each dialysis center passed during transport per one way trip.

There will be no fare charged to passengers whose health insurance will not cover their treatment at the center closest to their home address. This information will require documentation.

 There will be no fare charged to passengers who must be treated at another center because the closest center does not have an opening. This is a temporary exception and the passenger must be added to the Waiting List at the center closest to their home. This Waiting List status will be verified by SEN-HAN Transit staff.

 Those wishing to apply for this service can complete an Income Declaration Form and return it to SEN-HAN Transit via mail or fax.