About Us

Sen-Han Transit, Emergency Services, In-Home Services, Community Tours & Travel
40 Years…Improving the health and welfare of the elderly and people with disabilities

The agency began operation in 1979 with grants from Title III to provide short-term homemaker care, para-transit, the Golden Voice Newspaper and emergency repairs/fuel. The agency employed 15 staff and offered no additional services.

Over the years, SCUCS has researched, written proposals, secured foundation funds, and implemented several pilot projects that still operate today due to the success of the agency in securing long term funding for these projects.  SCUCS has had many “firsts” including the Senior Shared Housing Program, the Respite Care program, $ound Advice and Adult Family Care.  SCUCS lends its expertise to other counties and assists them in implementing these programs in their counties.

SCUCS has over 35 years of experience in operating home health aide and emergency services. The Adult Foster Care (AFC) was initiated in January 1989 through a multi-year grant from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  AFC ( Adult Family Care) is now a Medicaid Waiver program. In 2014, the DDD Support Coordination was added to the In-Home Services Unit to develop and implement innovative strategies aimed at enhancing the lives of adults with developmental disabilities living in the community.

Because of your generous support…..

A total of over $7,356 ,000 (93%) was raised through contributions and grants. Over ninety-three percent of funding went directly to services and activities to assist the elderly and people with disabilities in our community.

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