Have questions regarding our trips and travel services? Find the answers below to Frequently Asked Questions

Who can travel with SCUCS?

Our trips are open to everyone. There is no age or residency requirement. Many of our trips are appropriate for all your family members.

How are the trips planned?

All SCUCS trips are geared towards seniors but appeal to everyone. Every effort is made to ensure an enjoyable experience for those who travel with us.

How often is the Trip Book published?

Trip books are published three times each year.

Who receives a trip book?

Those who have traveled with us in the past year will automatically receive a book.

If I haven’t traveled with SCUCS or have lost my book, how can I receive another one?

To receive a trip book, you need to send a $3 check to SCUCS to cover postage, and you will receive the newest trip book in the mail. Books are also available at no charge at our office and at various community sites. The book is also available online.

How do I book a trip?

Trips can be booked by visiting or calling the office. Reservation requests can also be made through our website. Trips cannot be booked by leaving a message or by sending an email.

When is payment due?

A deposit is due within a week of booking the trip. The balance is due one month before the date of the scheduled trip. The exception would be any New York/Broadway trips. Balances for these trips are due two months in advance.

How can I pay for my trip?

Trips payments can be made by check or by credit card. SCUCS does not accept cash.

Where do the trips leave from?

All trips leave from the SCUCS office at 537 Nicholson Road, Audubon, NJ 08106 unless otherwise noted.

How do I cancel a trip?

Trips must be cancelled by speaking to a SCUCS representative. They cannot be cancelled by mail, email or by leaving a message.

Should I take out trip insurance?

Trip insurance is highly recommended.

Need a SCUCS Trip Book?

Send us a check for $3 made payable to “SCUCS” and we will send you the newest version of our book!


SCUCS, Inc. 537 Nicholson Road Audubon, NJ 08106